Collective Experience


Legal matters are often battles. Unlike larger firms, Feinberg Day delivers efficient results. Like a team of highly specialized and deeply experienced operatives, we approach every client’s needs with the same intensity and drive to create objective-based solutions. Our team was developed from the best available talent and together we represent a skill-set and level of experience that is unmatched in IP law. Our sole mission is to develop and execute the best possible solution – and then move on to the next mission. Who would you choose to fight your next battle?

What you can expect from Feinberg Day:

  • Our firm represents an unparalleled concentration of legal talent.
  • Each and every case is reviewed, analyzed and assessed by all our partners to ensure consistency of service and the best collective judgment of the group.
  • Our partners are highly experienced trial attorneys. In addition to our legal expertise, we also possess deep practical knowledge in business management, technology and engineering. Together, these diverse skill sets are combined and leveraged towards developing the best legal solutions for our clients.
  • As partners and owners of the firm, we are deeply passionate and dedicated to providing the highest level of service to each of our clients.