Unique Solutions


The conventional approach to litigation is outdated and inefficient.  Feinberg Day changed all that. When you select Feinberg Day, you choose a team that knows your business, your technology and your legal issues. Together, we work with you to create the best solution and work passionately to deliver on that objective. Reject convention and select a better solution. Feinberg Day.

  • We approach each matter with a holistic and comprehensive perspective. We understand that legal matters are ultimately business matters, and, to this end, develop and execute legal strategies that result in the best solution for each client’s needs.
  • With no managerial hierarchy, we are able to entirely focus on the objective of each of our clients rather than quotas or staid policies.
  • Our personal experiences have exposed us to the inefficiencies and deficiencies of large law firms. We have created Feinberg Day as a nimble, passionate and highly focused firm that delivers exceptional results for its clientele.